• Review: Psycho by Robert Bloch

    Review: Psycho by Robert Bloch

    Norman Bates, the infamous serial killer. You’ve most likely seen the film but have you read the book? At just shy of 200 pages, Bloch doesn’t waste a word in this horror genre fiction story that’s loosely based on the true story of serial killer, Ed Gein. Bates runs the dingy, slow motel where no […]

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  • Review: The Crown Agent by Stephen O’Rourke

    Review: The Crown Agent by Stephen O’Rourke

    Fast paced. Colourful. Fascinating. All words used to describe this debut novel by Stephen O’Rourke. Honestly? I wholeheartedly agree. Based in Scotland, amongst the Burke and Hare scandal, Dr Mungo Lyon’s reputation is tarnished – never to practise as a surgeon again. When a ship is found adrift with all sailors on board dead, along […]

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  • What To Pack For University

    What To Pack For University

    The end of summer is beginning to pop it’s wee head over the horizon, and while I do not want to wish away our warmer months – it’s hard to not focus on going to university in September. If you’re like me, and moving out for education, here’s a list of some things to consider […]

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  • Things To Do In and Around Eyemouth

    Staying around the borders? If you’re planning a visit to the east side of the Scottish Borders, or just don’t mind some driving, then this one is for you. Eyemouth is a small town at the Scottish borders, in Berwickshire, and it is a great bolthole for exploring more of the borders. We stayed at […]

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  • Where to Begin with Self Portraits

    Where to Begin with Self Portraits

    As a photographer, I am MUCH more comfortable behind the camera – and even then I’m nervy. However, us photographers don’t always have the models at hand to help us capture the imagery ideals that we come up with. That’s where the self portraits come in. Self portraits and selfies, are not the same thing. […]

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  • London Baby 2021 – A Photo Diary

    London Baby 2021 – A Photo Diary

    Oh, hello London throwbacks. Last month (incase you have missed me repeatedly posting about it) I spent three days in London. And of course, it’s the first bit of travelling I’ve done in what feels like forever (it’s actually been less than a year but I’m dramatic) so we hit up all the classic spots […]

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