Things To Consider Before Buying A Camera

You’re a blogger so you’ve gotta have all the snazzy equipment right? UM. Idk, I mean are you actually going to use the camera with the 7 different lenses and the tripod and the external flash and all the soft boxes and the backgrounds and the videocamera and the mini camera you bought for vlogging? Well, are you? If you hesitated then take them right back out your basket.

I know, sometimes your waterlogged phone camera no longer does the trick and you want to invest in something. My DSLR is my pride and joy, sitting proudly on my shelf and I never regret paying the £400 odd for it, two lenses and the bag. I had the money saved – and my photography lecturer told me to move on from my little bridge camera – so I went for it. It was something I wanted to pursue.

Before you go ahead, here are some things to consider before buying a camera

Do you actually want the camera or are you trying to ‘fit in’?

Lets be real here, do you want it? Do you need it? Will you get the benefit and your moneys worth if you purchase this camera? Are you hesitating? Don’t spend the money. Are you going “EH YES CAN I BUY IT NOW???” Almost.

What is your price range?

With everything, comes your price range. It’s simple really – what can you afford without it meaning that you don’t eat for the next three months?

What brand do you want to purchase from?

Ah here comes the whole “Nikon V Canon” fight. You tend to love one and hate the other. I’m a Nikon gal, I find it much easier to work than Canon and it’s what the photographers of the Anderson-Findlay family use, so I knew it was what I wanted. Do some research and see what one you think you will be most comfortable with. You may find its neither and another brand is better for you – and thats OK!

What style of camera do you need for your purposes?

I mean yeah, we’d all love to spend a couple of grand on a camera and a few more on the lenses and say “look at this fancy little thing” but it doesn’t tend to work like that. We can cry about that later dw. I mean, I thought being a photographer was going to be my day job and knew the Nikon D3300 was a good starting point in the professional world but for now, thats on the back burner and my camera is now for the odd photo shoot, exploring and blogging.
You need to decide if you need a DSRL, a bridge, compact, video camera or do you need to send your iPhone back to Apple to get the camera repaired?

Fast forward four months, where is the camera?

Is it round your neck? In your bag? Thrown in a cupboard gathering dust? Have you sold it? A camera is an investment and you need to be sure it’s going to be worth your while. Cameras and equipment aren’t cheap. *cry*


Similar to my first point but you gotta keep asking. Do you need it?? DO YOU? I’m only saying this because you can damn right bet that if you spend £500 on a camera and decide nah photography isn’t my thing and then you lose out on even some of that money, you’re not gonna be best pleased.

Are you willing to learn about it?

Cameras take time and patience on every shoot, especially if you’re wanting to be on a manual setting. If you don’t want to know about all the ins and outs of it, then maybe a DSLR isn’t what you’re looking for. Maybe a bridge, for example – it gives you a little more freedom than your family’s holiday compact camera but you don’t need to continually work with the exposure.

I say this because I remember buying my first camera – it was pretty overwhelming. You’ve got to break it down and decide why you need it and how much you think you’ll use it. I knew I would be using mine almost everyday for at least 6 months and that I wanted to continue to do shoots thereafter so a DSLR was the right choice for me. It doesn’t mean its the right one for you – jot it down and see where it takes you, then once you’ve done your research, pop it in your bag and finally, you can (like me) get snap happy.

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