Three Days In London

Three days in London – the crazy city that never seems to stop and I tackled it on my own (near enough), so I’m here blowing my own trumpet n shit.

FYI- my cousins stay down there so I crashed at theirs to save money on hotels as I had already spent £300 odd on flights. Buttttt they were working from like 6am-8/9pm so y’know it was me against the world, or um London.

Kicking off my trip on the Monday I got myself to the tube and travelled to Westminster to see the stunning architecture on the hottest day of the trip. Got myself to the London Eye (on a detour obviously because following google maps was too sensible) and ended up on an open top bus tour where I saw half of London in the space of a couple of hours – and not going to lie, I was totally doing my best Joey impressions with my camera – hopped off at Marble Arch where I sat in Hyde Park with some long overdue lunch before trying to make my way down Oxford Street. A whole other world, I thought Glasgow’s Buchanan Street was busy but fs.

*Also got asked on a date by a guy and he gave me his number, that never happens in Glasgow – or at least not to me anyway.*

Second day saw me in Nottinghill, Kensington, Camden and Covent Garden. Basic white girl moment – NOTTING HILL IS SO GODDAMN PRETTY – anddddd moment over. Camden felt like I was abroad, with the markets and stalls and open shops. Covent Garden was looking as lovely as ever too. The cute little quaint shops down the side streets made my heart soar. The whole day was just a loud dazing dream.

Forward to nighttime and somehow my cousins have finished work early and we hop along to Westfield for some bowling and food before coming back and crashing out. Bliss. (Also I came second, how good am I?)

The third and last day, I was ready to come home. I was shattered, my back was agony with stress (a normal occurrence but it was made worse by the pre holiday fear that I’d get lost and die in a city I hardly know), plus I had barely spoken to anyone for the majority of three days – not ideal when you talk a lot – and sometimes you just need a good cuddle. So I packed up my things and went back to Westfield to kill some time before trying to get myself to the airport, which by the way I managed.

I felt like I was achieving so much but I did miss the company. Travelling on my own is something I’d love to do again, if I only plan it better so I don’t get stressed. The whole experience opened my eyes to the fact that sometimes you can do things you’re scared of and I’m not the same terrified little girl I was before.

Travel fills the soul and its the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.

And of course, here’s my fav snaps of the trip – thank my Nikon D3300.

4 responses to “Three Days In London”

  1. You go girl for conquering London, I find it hard to go there myself and it’s no mean feat! I’m so glad you enjoyed your time there and made the most of it, your pictures are stunning! Notting Hill is so dreamy, those brightly coloured houses are seriously gorgeous! The dreamiest street ever! Travelling solo is never easy but so rewarding and it’s so inspiring you went for it! ❤

    Sophie | soinspo xo


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