A Week In Ibiza – That Wasn’t All Drink, Drugs and Sex

You hear people are going to Ibiza and you’re like ooooft that’s gonna be a wild fucking disaster ain’t it and assume the group will return as broken, alcoholic slugs that are no longer friends. But what about the other side of Ibiza? The pretty side? I think we’ve forgotten about that.

My boyfriend told his colleagues that I was in Ibiza at the start of May and they’re first response was “oh so she’s currently getting shagged then?” And I’m like, do people automatically assume it’s gonna be carnage? Or that I’m carnage? I mean, it was a little ridiculous and I am a slight liability but give us some credit guys, you can hit up Ibiza without ruining your life.

So sure enough, todays chat is all about my week trip to Ibiza which saw no drugs, no sex and only *cough* a little alcohol – and lots of sight seeing!

I spent my week with my cousin, who’s my best friend and to be honest, basically my sister, in the quiet resort of Portinatx – a pretty beach town north of the wild San Antonio. We stayed in the lovely Portinatx Beach Hotel which is a quick 15 minute walk from the centre and a 5 minute walk from the first beach. The hotel was a gorgeous summery white, with a rooftop terrace looking out to the sea, the opportunity to partake in water sports or just chill on a lounger with a – slightly watered down – cocktail in hand.

There was a blissful relaxation aura around the place and you’d forget you were in one of the most popular party islands. I’m warning you now, if you want clubs and all sorts, Portinatx isn’t the place for you. If you want sunbathing and pretty scenes, maybe give this place a go.

With nothing planned, we accepted it was a holiday for getting a tan. Many of the days we lay by the pool or on the beach, but we still managed to go sea kayaking, jump off a cliff and venture on a 7 mile hike in between. Oh, and get very drunk in a karaoke bar.

If you go to Portinatx, hit up Vincent’s Bar and say hi to Paul for us. He’s the angel who made our holiday – and the little devil that came up with the 7 mile hike plan and took us round a mountain the morning after drinking until 4am – and can get anyone up to sing. Including me. Crawling back to my hole now don’t worry.

Portinatx has quite the handful of restaurants and shops too, enough to keep you going on your weeks holiday. You can munch on the traditional Spanish food, and I recommend the paella, as well as your well known pub dishes. All the restaurants offer a variety of drinks and cocktails to keep you going too so you never really have to be without a drink.

Also, I don’t know if I’m really selling this as the chilled holiday I made it out to be in the title? Maybe not.

Okay, it’s the holiday that wasn’t clubs, drugs and sex.


I wholeheartedly don’t think I can pick a highlight, it wouldn’t be fair. The scenes took my breath away, the people made me cry-laugh, the drink got me drunk – and singing, the company allowed me to relax. There’s nothing better than a holiday that leaves you wishing for longer, or wishing you could send for your things and  just continue a life out there. Who wants a boring office job when you could be pouring drinks in a glorious beach town in the north side of Ibiza? SIGN ME UP.

We made so many friends and so many memories and if I could do it all again, I certainly would. Don’t knock a chilled holiday in Ibiza until you try it babe.

4 responses to “A Week In Ibiza – That Wasn’t All Drink, Drugs and Sex”

  1. I think it’s the people I hang out with, but I’ve actually heard more about the pretty side of Ibiza than the party side – but I’ve never seen pictures! It’s absolutely beautiful, and sounds like the perfect week. The landscape looks just like the other Canary Islands I’ve been to, which shouldn’t surprise me at all lol.

    I’m glad yo had a wonderful week!

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