Transitioning from Straight to Natural – My Hair Journey So Far

As a girl who began straightening her hair at 13, and did so up to F O U R times a day for the next 8 years, I never thought I’d really go natural. I tried it three summers ago and it was frizzy and short and it wasn’t long before the straighteners were back out.

Now, I’m into my fourth month of the straightening ban. All my heat tools have lay in one of my many drawers and are yet to see the summer light. I won’t lie, it hasn’t been easy breaking the habit and I do sometimes miss blending into the background with my straight hair, but we’re here for the curls.

I can’t say that I took the decision to go natural and embraced it from the start, because I definitely didn’t. I was unwell and shoved the frizzy mess into a bun for a couple of weeks. From there, I still could not be fucked with it so I started using a curl creme that had been in my bathroom cabinet for about a year, or more, but anyway. I then took to washing my hair everyday (as appose to once or twice a week) and putting in the creme. It’s a slow process but we’re starting to get somewhere now.

What I would say for those wanting to go natural, is embrace it. I’ve learnt during this summer to appreciate something I spent my whole life despising and it’s such a relief. For the first time in years I have curls rather than just frizz, my hair is finally growing and I’m learning to enjoy the different styles you can do on curly hair. We have things that make us, us and my hair is one of them.

Good ways to get help during it is The Curly Girl Method, hitting through the YouTube videos for inspiration and try give your hair a lot of love. Lots of conditioner: both wash out and leave in, use less heat or no heat on your hair, use curl cremes and mousse and a wide toothed comb.

Also invest in Fibreplex, this is a conditioning treatment much like Olaplex you may get on your monthly visit to the hairdresser. You can leave it in for as long as you like: 20 minutes, 2 hours, over night but it’ll help repair the broken bonds in your hair and allows the frizz to y’know bugger off and also helps your hair grow.

Some products to try:

– Noughty Curl Creme

– Fibreplex

– Lomé Paris Frizz Control Cream

I’m also looking to invest in curl cremes and leave in conditioners. Let me know your favourites!

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