How Has It Been A Month, Lover?

Yesterday marked the one month release of Taylor Swifts seventh album, Lover, and if that’s not cause to talk about it then I don’t know what is.

Lover, compared to her previous era Reputation, is well, like daylight. In this 18 track album, she sheds her dark colour palette and snake persona for pastels and butterflies. We see summer and happiness, and giddy I love you’s mixed in with accepting who you are and what you’re going through, even if it’s devastating.

Beginning with I Forgot You Existed, Swift takes one of her final nods to her previous album. This upbeat, funky and slightly salty bop let’s us see the hurt she went through, yet the lyrics feel anything but petty as she admits she’s managed to find balance after the downfall.

Her latest album sees a mix of happiness, heartbreak, ballads and BOPS. She has something for everyone, for every mood. It speaks of love, heartbreak, family, friends and everyday life.

Along with IFYE, we have absolute bangers that leave us screaming lyrics in the car and definitely envious of Taylor getting to dance to them on stage. Cruel Summer, I Think He Knows, Paper Rings and London Boy are all full of life and dance vibes. Her devoted lyrics are so strong and confident. This on top of the powerful beat leads for an impressive feel good sound.

To stay true to Swift, she included the emotional Death By A Thousand Cuts. Like previous songs including Haunted and Dancing With Our Hands Tied, it takes us on a journey of heartbreak and loss without turning it into a ballad. Personally, this being my stan song, I could talk about it for H O U R S but I’ll hold it together. Just listen to the bridge and cry-scream.

Here with the emotional waves she loves to land on us, a few of her ballads include title track Lover, The Archer, Soon You’ll Get Better, Daylight and It’s Nice To Have A Friend. All have taken a different approach to life, none similar and yet fall under the same type of song.

Lover sees her talking of forever and marriage, The Archer relives her experiences on the giving and receiving end of negativity, Soon You’ll Get Better is a beautiful tragic wish for her mother – our Mama Swift – to recover fully. It’s Nice To Have a Friend sees a simple stripped back acoustic song of friendship and life.

The album finishes with Daylight, a song that makes reference to her step out of country album, Red. “I once believed love would be burnin’ red but it’s golden, like daylight.” shows her new experiences, views and matured point of view.

And never worry, the cute but somewhat childlike lead single, ME! (Feat Brendan Urie), doesn’t mean she can write about feminism and politics.

The Man sees the inequalities herself and other women face, how women are scrutinised more so on certain topics than men. It’s another to scream into your hairbrush, or in the car, or anywhere.

Taylor Swift also had stayed silent on her political views until before this albums release, where she took to Instagram to voice her opinions and encourage her fans to vote. She then placed Miss Americana And The Heartbreak Prince in the middle of the album. Set in a metaphorical stereotyped American high school, we see scenes of bad boys and rolling eyes, love and losing teams. She loves a metaphor, and this whole song is an impressive story based on her personal truths.

I promised myself I wouldn’t talk about every song individually and here we are, I’m still going. Yet having missed some others, here’s a quick list below in case you’re in need of some inspiration to add to your playlists.

Afterglow: a soulful sorry ballad to her love, an apology for starting fights and a vulnerable confession of love.

You Need To Calm Down: a damn good women’s and LBGTQ+ rights anthem.

Cornelia Street: a beautiful song admitting the fear of being so in love.

False God: a jazzy starting, slow continuing song on blind faith and imperfection. The chorus gets me every time.

Taylor Swift’s talent never fails to amaze me and the majority of the world. This album has seen her reach new records with every song surpassing hundreds of thousands of listens, it’s seen her stand tall from her reputation that began to spiral to the ground, and it’s as if she continued on naturally from her first entirely pop album, 1989. Her professionalism and love for her fans is undeniable and the confidence within herself only continues to reach back up to the top.

And they say Taylor can only write a break up song.

Plus, her and Joe? Absolutely adorable, especially if this album is anything to go by.

What’s your thoughts on the latest Taylor Era?

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