Curly Girl Hairstyles

I know what you’re thinking, how the fuck can I tame my hair, and honestly like, me too. It’s so frustrating trying to work with curls: there’s frizz and too much volume in the wrong places, you can’t really get a sleek look – well not that I’ve yet managed, and you defo look like you’ve been in a competition with a lion when you wake up. You can’t brush your hair when it gets tangled and it’s always gonna look shorter than it really is but alas, we have been blessed with the mane so I guess we gotta go with it. Here’s some looks I’ve been doing over the last five months of being a curly girl!

The Space Buns

Now, bobbles and hair tie elastics are not really your friends, however if you can get one of those anti breakage/anti kink spiral things then that should work (or only do it every so often with hair ties/bobbles, I won’t tell if you won’t). Get two high pony tails and twist them into a bun, secure with kirby grips and pull down any fly away hairs you want to shape your face!

The Curly Beehive

Now do not ask me the actual name, I was going for a bush on top of my head sorta look and here’s what happened. Tip your head upside down and use mini crocodile clips to secure ur curls on the top of your head. Tie a bandana or wear a hairband to give it a little extra bit of cute.

The Low-Down Buns

I’ll give you the low down on the low down buns, it’s literally two messy buns with held with hair ties and leave your fringe/front of hair down to shape ur face. Perfect when you want a beachy, idgaf look. Keep the hair ties loose and don’t pull your hair tight.

The New Hair Day Wash

Your hair always looks it’s best on wash day. Want the ins and outs of my hair routine? I’ll get that written up, but here’s how cute it can look when you really take some time on it!

Hint: give it a good old wash and get your products in while it’s soaking! And it’s all about that scrunch.

The Fro

Bugger it, who wants sleek and simple? (Apart from me, obviously) just leave the frizz and curls to do their own thing if you’re feeling brave. A quick spritz with some water/leave in conditioner and a scrunch and then you’re good to go on those non wash days. And remember, every curl day is going to be different.

By the time my week is up my hair is usually frizz and waves, so don’t get too disheartened if you’re the same! It’s all trial and error when you’ve got close to untameable hair. Embrace the wildness and keep that condition in your hair! Try different things to keep your hair in tact, including clip your hair up at night (avoids bobble kinks and limits frizz), condition when needed to keep it bouncy but never weighed down, and only wash when needed. The good thing about curls? They’re less likely to get greasy!

What’s your go to hairstyle?

Em x

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