Self Care Ideas

Become a priority in your life.

There seems to be this enigma where self care becomes selfish, or a waste of time. It’s as if you can’t win, be happy but don’t take time for yourself. The truth is, it’s one of the most important things you can do for yourself. This is the thing that’ll make you feel much more like you and less like a disintegrating shell.

Whether they like you to believe it or not, everybody needs some self care and will need it relatively regularly in order to continue their normal life.

As it’s coming up to Christmas, everyone expects you to be enthralled with the entire season and yet that’s usually never the case. Christmas is hard. Christmas is testing and stressful, it’s trying to save pennies while buying loved ones gifts, it’s working overtime because it’s so busy, it’s arranging to see everyone before the big day, it’s hours of writing and sending cards, it’s busy and it’s invigorating. It’s also emotional and tiring. Keep that in mind this season, we’re all feeling it.

Self care comes in any form. It’s not just a clay face mask drying into your pores while lying in a steaming bubble bath, most likely with a glass of wine in hand. However, it is definitely a good way to go about it.

Self care is also going to the gym and beating hell outta that punch bag, it’s listening to your favourite song on full volume and ruining it for anyone within 1000metres of your house, it’s retail therapy and thinking fuck it I need a new jacket, it’s surrounding yourself with people who support you.

It’s also saying no when you feel you should say yes. It’s doing what your body and mind needs.

I’ve jotted down some of the things I tend to do when I’m feeling, eh, under the weather:


Nothing makes me look myself quite like a good book, I don’t hear any noise once I’m engrossed into a story. Want a conversation with me? Talk before I pick up the book, you’ve been warned.

Writing It Out

Some of the best things I’ve written are things I’m probably not going to publish. Buy a pretty journal, or start using the notes section on your phone. LET. IT. OUT.

Feel Good Shows

I have an awful habit of watching grim tv shows or films when I’m down, like gimme a horror and suddenly my life isn’t so bad. Least I’m not being taunted by someone living in my walls right? But the truth is, I don’t actually feel better in myself after watching them. Get an easy to watch series and binge the shit out of it.

Make it special too, take the duvet to the sofa, get on your cosy pjs and make some food. Get the fairy lights on and candles lit. Make it feel nice, and you’ll in turn react to that.

Take a Day Off

This is your sign to tell you you’re allowed a day off.

I was in a job previously where I served people with tears streaming down my face and honestly, it isn’t worth it. Take a day off, but do what you can to feel refreshed so you can get yourself back to work, uni, college or whatever in the coming days. Staying off for long periods of time may make it harder to go back. All you need is breathing space, and remember you got this.

Cuddle, cry and generally feel it.

As I said previously – LET. IT. OUT.

I can tell you to drink a green tea and it’ll all be better, but I couldn’t lie to you. Drinking green tea can help, if this is something you enjoy and keep up. Mix it into regular exercise and meditation and your body will thank you, but you need to get yourself into the right head space to keep these tasks up. So take a day or two, maybe a weekend or that weeks holiday, and let yourself breathe. You’ll only really start to feel better when you acknowledge what you’re feeling and why.

Then, you can make the necessary changes.

Stay safe this festive season,

Much love x

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