Dear Diary / Lockdown Life 1

“Believe in yourself” journal

I’d like to say I started this at the beginning of lockdown like most, but here we are late to the party. Lockdown has been ongoing for over a month now and I’m STILL struggling to get myself into the swing of it.

I’ve been stuck with a chest infection for about a month now so I haven’t crossed the border of my garden since then (apart from the NHS clap on Thursday and I did not want to go back inside!). I’m going a little stir crazy but doing what I can to keep busy.


This week has seen me attempting college work and interviews for my dreaded Graded Unit deadline – I’m still a million miles behind and I have about three weeks left. Will life forever consist of me kicking myself for leaving things until the l a s t minute? Why yes, by the looks of it, it will.

However, with the cutest of pep talks from my lecturer and words of encourgement from my friends, I’m feeling like I can do. Come back on the week of the deadline and I might tell you a different story. 

Oh, and I also got 17/20 on my first outcome of the said GU. Not all bad. (Yes, I’m bragging, I thought I had failed!)


This week has seen me BINGE the life out of The Vampire Diaries all over again. My friend is doing the same, so we chat about what episode each of us are on. Although staying up until 4am on Thursday watching season 3 (for like the fourth time) was not my brightest plan!

Oh and there’s been a lot of Disney, you have to have Disney on your down days!


I’ve just started The Great Gatsby (I know, I still haven’t read it – I’m shocked and disappointed too) while continuing to also read The Foundling. Any tips on how to finish a book before starting another?

Latest ReadLatest read


A lot of Taylor Swift. A lot of cheesy classics. A LOT of Disney. I’m driving my parents mad, what even are headphones? 


I’d say I’ve been redecorating my room but honestly it’s been my dad. He’s the DIY one of us all and the rooms have been left in a pretty shitty state by the last folk that lived here. Better to leave him to it, and laugh when you hear the 25th “aw for fuck sake” of the day echoing out of the room. We’re so close to it being completed, my wardrobe is on route to arrive on Tuesday, then I’m thinking, room tour anyone?

The only other form of excitement? Putting make up on for the first time in over a month. I actually did better than I thought too.

Oh we got drunk and had a bonfire in the garden last weekend too. That was fun, if a little boisterous.

The only negative would be my first experience of sleep paralysis at the beginning of the week. I won’t go into the details since it was pretty scary but I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Confession: I screamed when I came too, woke my parents up and my mum had to then stay in my room the rest of the night after a panic attack. Then, I slept with the light on the night after. Night terrors? NOT my thing. (IDK, is that a worthy post? Should we talk about this sort of thing?)

Overall though, it’s been a pretty positive week. Ready to fight myself into a routine next week and stop staying up too late and then in turn, sleeping too late!

Blue Lagoon Make Up Look

I started a lockdown diary over on my Instagram which has been a lot of fun and a good way to get my arse in gear with my blog accounts again. If you’ve been doing the same, send me your links because I love to see how everyone is doing!

Much love, x

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