Dear Diary – Lockdown Life 2

Another week has passed during lockdown, does anyone else feel like time is flying by? I’m definitely working harder to have a more normal routine but everything is still a bit of a struggle.

In fact, I’m pretty sure my motivation and drive is isolating elsewhere.

Scotland has decided not to relax it’s rules for lockdown really, so that leaves us in the same place as before. I think I’m honestly relieved about it, tbh.


Again, I was pretending I had more time than I really did and realised I had less than two weeks to finish EVERYTHING off. Who panic emailed her lecturer and said she couldn’t do it? Oh yes, that would be me.

However, my fancy new workspace with a little pinch of “oh shit, I’ve fucked it” attitude has got me doing my best to fly through the rest of my work.

Will I make it? WHO KNOWS.

I will be sad when college finishes though, not only does it give me a little structure throughout the beginning of the week, but it’s a chance to hear other voices and catch up with people. Plus my lecturers are the best and I miss going to their classes. We were asked what our highs and lows were of our first year as journalism students and my only low was that I had to get up at 5am everyday – I mean, that’s surely a good sign that I’m doing the right course.

Also, my final grade will be a definite sign if I’m doing the right course.


It’s been more of The Vampire Diaries and Gilmore Girls, I just need my comfort shows. I’m also outraged that Netflix removed PLL – I don’t care that I’ve seen it 25 times, I like to rematch it. Netflix, get it together.

Gilmore Girls however has me thinking about how much I used to want to be like Rory and now she FRY’S MY BRAIN. Like please, hon, I know we all make mistakes growing up but please sort your shit out. I’m thinking of doing a “Hey I’m journalism student watching Gilmore Girls, here’s what I think”, you game?


I am no further on with The Great Gatsby that I started in time for last weeks diary, in fact I think I’m still on the third page.

My latest book buy arrived today too, not that I needed another book since I found plenty up the in the attic that I haven’t read, but i got “Finding Henry Applebee” and I am so damn excited to read it.


I found my old love for AC/DC and Iron Maiden, my little metal head days are back.

I also found ukulele covers of these two bands on YouTube and I am in love. Please someone teach me.


Life. Life’s been a bit of a roller coaster. I’m one big ball of stress and anxiety, lack of sleep and wishing I had the drive to do all the things I want to do.

I’ve also been feeling a little lost within myself, overthinking about past problems, embarrassing moments, past relationships/friendships and I just want to scream. I want a day out of my own head.

I’ve had a lot of moments of worry for my family, my grandparents especially. As well as that, I just feel a little retracted from my social life. It’s funny, I miss everyone and yet I feel like the whole never seeing anyone has become the new norm.

Also if there’s anyway to suddenly make thousands, please tell me your secrets. Student loan has been paid for the last time until after summer and I have no hours at work… Um, feet pics?

Other than that, I hosted a Greek night on Saturday for my parents which was a huge success. I also got hella bloody drunk, which was needed.

My hopes for this week are really to finish my Graded Unit in time for my deadline, drink more water and sleep! Surely I can manage that?

Spoiler: I’ll rant about how I didn’t manage that in next weeks post.

Drop me something about your past week in lockdown.


Much love x

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