8 Things I’m looking forward to after Lockdown

Lockdown has the possibility of slowly being lifted in Scotland within the next week, it’s an exciting but equally worrying prospect. It brings new possibilities but also new rules and will be the start of the ‘new normal’.

However, lockdown being lifted should be seen as a positive. If it is safe enough to do then this is the fabulous news we’ve all been waiting for. To keep that spirit, I’ve listed some of the the things I’m excited about post lockdown.


Hugging my grandparents.

We’ve video called and texted and sent cards but it’s not the same as running full speed at your gran just as you did when you were six. I can’t wait for the big soiree with drinks, singing and stories that’ll definitely occur once lockdown is fully lifted.

Girls days / nights / weekends.

I just want my gals. I want to dance away in a club, go for cocktails, host girls night, go for brunch, go shopping and day trips. I want to trade books and swap clothes and help each other with make up just like before.

Strolling round bookstores and libraries.

I miss Waterstones. Ordering a book online isn’t quite the same as getting a feel for the book in front of you. I know the fellow readers will agree.

Ruining songs on karaoke.

Or watch others, since I really do kill it (and not in a good way) anytime I try. Either way, shitty pub with shitty karaoke is where it’s at.

Visiting landmarks.

Castles. I love a good castle. My friends also love a good castle. Maybe eventually one of us three in Team WJFA (We’re Just Folkin’ About – a podcast we did, for college, once) will learn to drive and we can take a road trip round some of the famous Scottish sights.

Spend a summer abroad.

A big one. One that seems unimaginable now. I told myself that once I completed my college course I would go abroad myself. I’ve got until this time next year to plan and pray that everything is back in order for travel. Maybe it’ll be France, or Italy, maybe Greece. Sweden? Who knows, but to quote Joey; I WANNA GO!!

Not worrying about two metre distance.

It gets me so nervous. I hate being out because we can’t always stay two metres apart for every second and I hope soon we can be close enough to touch, hug and embrace folk we love. It seems odd to not.

Attending concerts and music festivals.

I was meant to be heading to Hyde Park in July for Taylor Swift with my cousin however understandably, that was cancelled. I’m longing for that feeling at gigs and festivals. Everyones dressed up, happy and well, in my case, drunk. Screaming the songs you love with thousands of strangers, getting photos, making memories, Sounds bliss right about now.

For now, we’ll stick to concert videos, books we’ve ordered, virtual hugs and planning future trips.

What are you looking forward to post lockdown?

Much love, x

4 responses to “8 Things I’m looking forward to after Lockdown”

  1. Honestly, same! I miss hugging my grandma so badly, even though she lives in the same building as me, I haven’t seen her in person in over a month! And walking around in bookshops is one of my favourite things, I love doing that too with a warm cup of coffee in hand and just get lost with the books around.

    You have a lovely blog!

    Lots and lots of love x


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