My Favourite Places In Scotland

I always feel I took living in Scotland for granted, just like a little. It’s iffy weather always had me longing for overseas travel, and yet, all my holidays and trips in Scotland are my favourite.

I love Greece, it’s one of my favourite countries and holds a special place in my heart. I’d love to learn the language (nothing like an easy language to start you off, eh?) and go out and live there. But I know, I’ll always come home. Scotland is my home, and it’s a bloody pretty one at that.

COVID and the lack of a driving license is making it hard to constantly see new places, so today I’m listing some of my favourite places in Scotland – and maybe inspire you to appreciate the countryside around you!

(PS My photography hasn’t always been up to scratch and I feel my early years won’t do the places justice. These photos are not my own, however they are licensed to be reused according to the lovely Google. If you know the photographer, please message me!!)



Aviemore is one of those towns I’ve been going on holiday too since I was little. Its picturesque with loads to do. It honestly makes me giddy at the idea of going. Wandering through the forest tracks or sitting at Loch Morlich with a picnic or canoeing through the loch/river is what makes a holiday.



The Falls Of Dochart own my heart. There I said it. Killin is one of my all time favourite destinations in the world. With the falls, and village and the endless amounts of walks and hills around you? What could be more perfect?



It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t mention my home city. The nightlife, the shops, the cafes – and the ability to drive quickly to rural spots makes it one of my favourite places. I love the history too (although Edinburgh’s creepy history really brings it up the pecking order!)

4.Fort William


It’s like the climbing capital of Scotland. Situated at Ben Nevis, the biggest mountain in Scotland, it’s only fair that it gets a mention. There’s so much to do and see around here and the beauty it holds is massive.



Inveraray is a beautiful, quaint west coast town that has a castle, jail as well as a good hotel for food and cute places to grab an ice cream. Need I say more?



I mean, it’s tattooed on my ankle so it is only fitting that the beautiful area of Glencoe is mentioned. One of the most popular spots for climbers, Glencoe is situated in the middle of mountains and glens, just waiting to be explored. (Just be prepared, it’s a dangerous world out there – no matter the beauty!). This place is one of my all time favourites, it reminds me of my grandparents and the scenes are undeniably spectacular.



Ok so confession, I’ve never actually been to Linlithgow – I’ve only driven through it. But we drove through the centre and I just had a feeling, a vibe, that I had to go back. Plus the palace? The loch? The ties to Mary Queen of Scots? It’s meant to be on the list.


What are you top places in Scotland?

9 responses to “My Favourite Places In Scotland”

  1. I love Scotland too, especially Killin is peaceful and relaxing.
    but if planning for the visit I will down for Glasgow to see this beautiful city and the history x

    Jess (


  2. I’ve never been to Scotland but not being able to travel far because of covid has made me want to travel more in the UK. I’ll take on board some of your suggestions and hopefully visit this year!


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