Must haves for your college bag – or your new WFH space!

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So with education beginning again, we now gotta get ourselves back into a routine and get all the equipment together to get us through our studies.

I’ve compiled a list of things to ensure you’re getting the most out of your learning (if you actually go to class and listen that is!) I promise you won’t need them all, I’m just trying to cover everything – you don’t need a suitcase for college I promise!!



My favourite thing to buy. I could spend hours browsing through loads of different shops, so here’s what you’re going need!

Get a sturdy bag if you can so you don’t have to worry about it falling apart on route to college – if you’re still allowed a bag (I know some schools, especially primary schools, are asking for no backpacks etc).

A selection of pens, pencils and highlighters – you can never have too many.

A few notebooks – one for different classes or a back up one for when you fill up your first.

Any textbooks you have to buy – get in touch with your lecturer if you’ve not been told. Planner or diary so you can keep track of assignments, deadlines and exams.

Other pieces that could be useful: sticky notes, paper clips, stapler, glue, rulers, rubbers, a maths set, calculator, folders with dividers and poly pockets, calendar and study cards.


Depending on your course and if you’re away from your at home study space, you may need some of these:

Laptop and charger.

Phone, phone charger and headphones.

Camera and SD card.

Hard drive or USB Memory Stick.


WATER! Stay hydrated and energised by keeping your fluids up!

Wee cuppa also cannot go wrong, have a flask/travel cup in your bag – saves queuing in Costa and being late! – or have a coffee while working at home.

Snacks incase of a distracting pang of hunger! Your best bet is fruit, a cereal bar or a little chocolate for a pick me up.


Some of this is only needed if you’re travelling to the library or to class but it’s handy to have just in case.

I tend to pack a mini toiletry bag when I’m away all day at college – I mean six/seven hours in class and four hours travelling? I’m gonna need some products!

Here’s a few ideas on what to keep handy:

Hand sanitiser and face mask (!!)

Hand cream – as much as we love the hand gel, it’s not always nice to our skin!

Eye drops or mist – staring at a laptop/computer screen all day can dry your eyes out, have one of these to help stop that! Especially contact lens wearers, you’re gonna need it. Trust me, from one blurry eyed friend to another!

Deodorant and/or perfume or cologne.

Any make up and lip balms you like to carry.


Other things also could include:

A book for break and/or travelling.


Rain jacket or umbrella.

Your money, cards and ID – the amount of times I’ve nearly forgotten my bank card is mind blowing.


What do you need for college?

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