Spooky Things To Watch This October

I love Autumn. I love Halloween. I love scary films and thrilling TV shows. All the things I used to hate, are now up there with my favourites!

And now, it’s October, which means it’s nearly Halloween – and while we can’t hit the clubs and dance the night away, that doesn’t mean we can’t watch some spooky shit to keep us in the spirit of October!

Here’s some of my suggestions for what to watch this month!


The Fall

I’m obsessed. It’s so good. I love the way they’ve done it. I love knowing who the killer is and watching them get closer to catching him. It’s a bit creepy at parts, I binged a season in one night and had to sleep with the nightlight on – but shhh, I never admitted that. It’s full of great actors and the storyline is fantastic, it shows both sides of the killer and the way his mind works, and shows the detectives trying to understand him enough to catch him. AMAZING.


So I watched this in like, two days. As soon as I knew that the creators of AHS (American Horror Story) were bringing another show, that was looking pretty similar to AHS season 2, Asylum, that I was going to have to binge it.

It follows nurse Mildred Ratched, played by Sarah Paulson, who is determined to grab a job at a State Hospital in the forties. While the show is based on Paulson’s dark complex character, you get some amount of depth into other characters which really help bring the show together.

What I will say is, it’s very typical AHS. There are some parts, that while are creepy, are a bit basic. They love a cliche, like a murder taking place on a dark rainy night, but they still do it so well that I can’t complain.

And in true AHS form, theres some graphic sex scenes and of course, some pretty darn gruesome scenes too. I’m good with anything, until they bring out needles or go near eyes. Ratched has both, btw.


On the topic of Ratched, if that’s taken your fancy then why not watch American Horror Story? Btw, you heard it here, the first three seasons are the best!

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Okay so I started this recently, and I was sitting thinking “oh this is quite cute” then you start seeing witches getting hung and shit, I was like “Oh, OKAY THEN”. I’m ready for this. Who didn’t love Sabrina The Teenage Witch growing up?

Scream The Series

An up to date take on the infamous franchise? Well alright then!
It’s been on the go for a few years now but I had to include it. It’s spooky, tense as well as funny, and a great one to binge. Plus the main character is called Emma, so I’m stannin’ her.

Bates Motel

The time scale in this bothers me. Cars from decades ago with iPhones? Get past that and you have a great series prequel to the famous, Psycho. Vera Farmiga is just TOO GOOD at playing Norma, Norman’s mother. She gets creepy down perfectly.


The Classics

I won’t give explanations for all of these however, some even I’m yet to see (I know ugh) but they’re the classics, and what better time to watch a classic horror than on the run up to Halloween?

The Shining
The Conjuring
The Exorcist
The Silence Of The Lambs

A Nightmare On Elm Street

P.S. my favourites are The Shining, Psycho and Carrie.

The Movies


If you haven’t seen this on Netflix then you must! Spooky, interesting and a couple of wee twists there to keep you engaged. It’s also loosely based on a true story, just to make it spookier.

A family adopt after a miscarriage only for things to start going wrong when the little girl comes home with them. Things go missing, people get hurt or go missing, she doesn’t say much. All very creepy.


I watched this last summer and I wholeheartedly shit myself a couple of times (not literally of course). I LOVE suspense, and this had it in plenty. I don’t want to give too much away but a mirror that’s not a just a mirror is always scary.

Would You Rather

Right, see tbh, it’s pretty shit but I’ve watched it so many times anyway. Who doesn’t want to watch a gruesome game of Would You Rather? I warn you now, the ending is so frustrating you’ll want to throw your TV out the window. However, I’ll include it, some love it.

The House At The End Of The Street

New town, new house and the place next door was the site of a double murder that was never solved? A classic thriller/horror to keep you entertained. Plus, Max Thieriot is very hot, I said what I said.


I cried after watching Annabelle, I really do not like dolls. Especially possessed ones.

The Boy

Talking of dolls, The Boy is pretty spooky. Brought in to care for an elderly couples son, Greta finds she is nannying a doll, Brahms (named after their dead son), while the couple go off on holiday. First Greta ignores the doll and strange eerie things begin to happen, then it get’s worse – and better when she looks after Brahms properly. Bring in an abusive ex, a cute grocery man, and plot twist at the end and you have yourself a nice wee horror.

The Less Scary

Faint hearted? Not actually a fan of scary things but want to enjoy Halloween? Here’s some not so scary ones that still work into Autumn!

Hocus Pocus
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Alice In Wonderland

Hotel Transylvania
Harry Potter
Corpse Bride

The Addams Family

What’s your go to for Halloween watches?

4 responses to “Spooky Things To Watch This October”

  1. I love watching spooky shows and movies. I’ve watched a few of the ones you have listed, mostly the classic Halloween vibe ones, so I will have to add some of the others to my Netflix watch list and check them out. I had no idea that they made a Scream series, I loved those movies so will be fun to watch the series.


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