Review: Revolution x Friends Make Up Range

So Revolution brings out a Friends collab range, did we really think I wouldn’t cover it?

Revolution is a cruelty free make up brand that are also working to become more vegan friendly. Their website states “Our products are always PETA-certified cruelty free, never tested on animals and are 76% vegan, and growing.” IDK if that means their product ingredients are 76% vegan or if 76% of their products are already vegan friendly, but okay – maybe I’m tired and reading too much into a statement. They’re aiming to be vegan, which is great, and they don’t test on animals, wonderful.

So when my brothers lovely gf tagged me in a Facebook post about it, I was on that website before Janice could finish saying “OH MY GOD” and of course, in the excitement, I purchased some things that hadn’t already sold out!

They have a pretty great selection, all named after the Friends characters which I think is very cute, and there’s something to suit most. Pus, it’s not too expensive!

What I got:

The Chandler Lipgloss
The Phoebe Lipstick
The Rachel Lipstick
The Monica Eyeshadow Palette

So I was worried it wouldn’t be the best quality, as much as I love Friends, it’s become a fashion trend that can be slightly over done, which can sometimes effect the quality. But, true to themselves, Revolution brought out a range that is of a very high quality.

The lipgloss

A little goes a loooong way with this lippy. It’s very thick and a little sticky at first but it settles into a lovely pink shine that looks very cute with most looks. The perfect, effortless look.

The lipsticks

The Rachel is a lovely nude/mauve shade, which creates that perfect effortless but put together Rachel look we all adore.
The Phoebe is a stunning deep pink shade, I thought it was more purple online but on and in photos it’s much pinkier – it’s bold, just like her.

That satin finish is lovely with a slight shine, but yet still quite matte, and that’s one of my favourite things about these products. They last for ages and don’t feel dry or heavy once their on – and no cracking or smudging!
I did wear Pheobe while I had a mask on and after a few hours some of it came off onto my mask but it never transferred onto my face which was great. Overall I love them.

The Eyeshadow

The Monica palette feels, well very Monica. The oranges, nudes, and warm reddish/pinks make for a lovely palette of colours to choose from. Plus the mix in textures really helps to create a look. It’s been my go to of late.

As a whole, this range is great! I think the quality is super high and I’ve been enjoying experimenting with them. Definitely recommend both the range and the brand to anyone looking for a lovely quality of make up that isn’t extortionate.

Wearing the Monica Palette and Phoebe Lipstick

2 responses to “Review: Revolution x Friends Make Up Range”

    • I really recommend it, I think it’s pretty high quality, and it’s not too expensive compared to some other brands! 😊


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