It’s Okay If You Simply Survived 2020


2020 has been a mad year for everyone. Along with all the personal things we’ve had to come up against, we’ve also been in the centre of a worldwide pandemic. It’s surreal, scary and something no one is going to forget.

Many of us are seeing some hope now that a vaccine has been released, and hope for a better year starting now. However, with a national lockdown for the rest of January, that dream seems to be fading a little faster than we had prepared ourselves for.

2020 brought along situations that jump beyond our wildest ideas and it’s okay to admit that this year took it’s toll. Loved ones were taken, or affected by the virus, we couldn’t see family or meet up with friends, some lived on their own, studying and work found a new place at home, and no one quite knew what we were up against.

Counselling sessions were stopped, then moved to Zoom and we wondered how we could sit around a table with three friends in a pub but couldn’t have a 1-1 socially distanced meeting with our therapist. A lot of us became enthralled in our own thoughts, and our mindsets were slowly but drastically changed from “this is my year” to “this year will be the end of me”. If you managed through the last 12 months, then that deserves a celebration in itself.

With news of last years carnage continuing on into this year at it’s current rate, it’s easy for us to lose hope again. Trying to find happiness in little things when the bigger picture is so bleak is a challenge within itself. But if our happiness is we got out of bed today, or we watched our favourite episode of Friends or Gavin and Stacey, a call with a friend, a walk in the countryside, an extra strong coffee then let that be our happiness.

A pandemic will take it out of the seemingly most unbreakable mental state, and it’s okay to admit that it’s a bit much to cope with.

Standing still is better than going backwards so if you have to stop and breathe, do so. Take the time you need to quiet the negative thoughts and find your peace again.

It’s okay to simply survive.

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