TV Shows I’ve Been Bingeing

I am the worst at watching new programmes as they’re released, instead you tend to find me bingeing Brooklyn 99 (how could I not though, Jake Peralta is my dream man, and I am in fact Amy Santiago) for the 75th time that week. But alas, lockdown gave us some minor positives: like being able to get in more Netflix time!

Today, I’ve put together (even if I am a little late!) a list of programmes that I’ve binged in the last year or so, with a little review, in case you’re in need of a new Netflix series!

PS. Watch out for the spoilers!

Gossip Girl

I finally got to the end of Gossip Girl (how many years has it taken me? Too many to say!) and honestly, there is not one unproblematic character in this show. Serena and Blair had an awful friendship, Chuck was a toxic arsehole to say the least, Nate was a bit lame, Eric and Jenny were just as bad as each other (but I wholeheartedly believe Jenny Humphrey deserved better, come at me). GG should’ve been Dorota or Georgina, the reveal was a bit of an anticlimax – like it couldn’t have been Dan and then, like everyone just accepted it?

I knew previously who GG was but I had never made it to the end of the show so it was almost a relief to be able to tick it off my list.

I still loved every second of it though, makes me feel better that I’m not THAT entitled.

The Fall

I was hooked. I loved the way they told this story. (I also fangirled here: Spooky Things To Watch This October) but I was SO ANNOYED by the ending, justice was not served. I stand by it.

What I loved most is you knew from the start who the murderer was, and it was a constant game of cat and mouse. Amazing acting throughout, and most characters had interesting back stories that I wish we had seen more of.


In true form of Sarah Paulson, she perfectly portrayed a nurse in an asylum from back in the day.

This story was interesting but VERY like American Horror Story. It was clear the same writers had been involved, and some scenarios almost felt a little cliche to the AHS way.

However, it was tense, creepy, passionate and all in a good watch. With the possibility of a season 2, by the looks of the ending.

Prison Break


I have barely loved a man more than I love Michael Scofield (yes, he is up there with Jake Peralta) and this series had me hooked from the start. I couldn’t relax while watching it, I couldn’t sleep after watching it and I repeatedly texted my brother live updates while watching. There was a lot of WHAT THE FUCK‘s being flung about.

Don’t get me wrong, I was starting to wonder just how many prisons this guy could break out of, and the first two seasons were definitely my favourite, but it never got boring. Never. I stan a good series that makes me stress eat, or in some cases be too stressed to stress eat.


This is one of those programmes that I hate to love. It’s cringe, ridiculous and it’s school kids (who are definitely not school kid age) hooking up and solving extravagantly mad murders that apparently the police can’t get to the bottom of.

TBH, most characters are pretty sucky too. Just all round madness.

Emily In Paris

God, okay. It’s a bit shit, let’s be real, but did that stop me watching it in like a day? No it did not.

A lot of things bothered me about it though: the representation that French people are all moody, arrogant and horrible people is a bit much. Like, try learn a bit of the language and they might appreciate you a bit more. Another thing was how influencers were portrayed, like they’re all money hungry selfie stick carrying animals who’ll kick anyone out the way to be the best? A bit harsh.

Oh and Gabriel? You are a beautiful creature but my god stop being a dick. Camille is nothing but L O V E L Y. She deserves better from her boyfriend and new bestie.

Also, Mindy – an absolute angel.

The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

Okay, so I haven’t actually finished this yet but I wanted to include it.

This show goes between cringe and dark AF. I like it, it’s easy to watch and at the same time gets a bit creepy. Also, Sabrina and Harvey? Adorable. Sabrina and Nick? Also cute. I go back to it in waves when I’m in the mood for it. Feels nostalgic, as I loved Sabrina The Teenage Witch when I was younger and this is like the newer, more mature version.

The Haunting of Bly Manor

I found the first two episodes spooky, after that it I felt it tamed a bit but I still enjoyed it. I loved Dani and Jamie’s relationship at the end and the final episode broke my bloody heart. While they lost a lot of the spook factor, the different ghost stories were really interesting (I gave you The Lady Of The Lake and Hannah Grose). I felt there was a lot of filler episodes etc but overall, it was a good watch and one I’m glad I ticked off the list!

The Vampire Diaries

I loved earlier seasons that I kept giving up and returning to the beginning but I finally finished the series this year (thank goodness, since Netflix dropped it!) and I loved it. Here’s my thoughts: Elena was annoying but I loved her anyway, Bonnie was the best character but was treated like shit BY ALL OF THEM (writers did her SO DIRTY with the Enzo storyline), Damon and Stefan reuniting in the last episode made me cry, the whole Ric-Caroline fiasco was weird af and Caroline had such a good character arc when she became a vampire.

Anne With An E

Good Lord, she is the purest of them all. Anne with an E is an amazing story based on the Green Gables books, that follows young orphan Anne into her new life at Green Gables Farm. Despite her awful life so far, her positivity and love for the world is beautiful to see.

Please watch this. It features such important topics including poverty, bullying, redemption, unconditional love, race and growing up. It’s beautiful. Anne deserves the best.

Dirty John

Okay, season 1 was so much better but I finished season 2 pretty quickly. Loosely based on truth, season 1 showed a shitty guy preying on a nice family to take money and everything else from them. S2 was two shit parents fighting and ruining each others lives tbh. At first I felt sorry for the mum, then I swapped to the dad and then I disliked them both. I felt sorry for the kids though, to be used as weapons and to be caught in the crossfire like they were.

Miss Americana


Okay so not a TV series, but a documentary movie, however, she’s still getting a mention.

I don’t care if you’re a Taylor Swift fan or not, Miss Swift shows everything that she’s gone through while in the limelight. She talks music, politics, eating disorders, bullying/trolling, everything. Watch it and be fucking kind to people. Also listen to Lover, Folklore and Evermore, she own’s them.

What have you been watching lately?

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