How To Spend Valentine’s Day Alone – A Single Gals Guide To Valentine’s

Ugh, it’s that day of the year that we either love or hate. Or maybe we love to hate it and hate to love it.

Either way, it’s tomorrow. Big ol’ Valentine’s Day is T O M O R R O W.

Don’t panic though, I know that dreaded feeling of “oh shit I’m still single” feeling all too well. It shines like a kaleidoscope round your entirety while you watch people you love, love other people.

I’m the only single cousin left in my family (minus my 16&13 year old cuz’s) and that sorta freaks me out. When we’re allowed family parties again, I think I’ll be taking one of my besties so avoid the whole “oh it’s just you that didn’t bring someone?” chat.

As for my friends, the majority of us are pretty damn single. For some reason, we’re made to believe by 25 you should have the partner, the house, the car, the career and the kid – and if you didn’t, you’d failed. Life was over, done and dusted, nada chance to come back from it.

Reality check please?

Your age does not define your worthiness of love.

Your relationship status does not need to define your level of happiness.

You are not weird or odd or broken or messed up because you are SINGLE.

If this pandemic taught me anything, it’s how to be on my own.

In celebration of that, and probably the reason you’re here, below is my list of ways to spend Valentine’s Day alone!

Self Care Sunday

I’m talking favourite music, bubble baths, face masks, do your nails, your favourite snacks, stay in your pjs all day.

Dress up for YOU

Anyone who says you need a reason, whether that be a thing or a person, to dress up is lying. Wear your favourite outfit, put on make up, style your hair, wear high heels – even round the house. There’s something very empowering about wearing a good outfit.

Self portrait photo shoot

You don’t need to send the photos to anyone if you don’t want too, that’s your choice.

But remind yourself how beautiful you are with a shootin’ session. Wear what makes you feel powerful (even if that’s just your own skin) and have take a few shots.

Delete them after, save them in a secret folder, get them printed, send them to that person your chatting too (if they’re trustworthy and not a SNAKE) and bloody enjoy yourself.

Movie and Food Day/Night

I had an ex who told me my favourite films were stupid. So now I love them even more.

Pick your favourite films, or series if you prefer to binge, and get your favourite food.

I’m talking pancakes for breakfast, pasta for lunch, takeaway for dinner. Popcorn, chocolate, marshmallows. Whatever it is that you LOVE,eat it. Ignore the diet, ignore the calories and just enjoy some time with yourself. You do you babe.

Take yourself out

Harder to do in a pandemic, I know, but hear me out.

Wrap up, get a bag together and go on a walk. Sit on a bench, on the beach or up a hill with a flask of coffee (obvs don’t break travel restrictions folks!) and just enjoy some quiet time with yourself.

There’s nothing I find more therapeutic than getting back into nature.

Have a Day For Your Hobbies

Read a book, paint a picture, snap up some new photography captures, knit, run, paddle board, meditate, dance.

Give yourself some more time for your hobbies.

Seriously, forget the heading, even if it’s 15 minutes – your body and mind will thank you for giving it something that it loves.

Don’t Be Alone If You Don’t Want To Be

FaceTime your friends, call your family, text that guy/gal you like. Hell, reply to someone’s Insta story and have a chat! Just because you’re single, doesn’t mean you’re alone.

Get Yourself A Present

It can be anything, from any price range.

A bar of chocolate you’ve put off getting the last week, a bunch of flowers, clothes or shoes, a new camera lens (guilty), books (also guilty), a lipstick, some self care items.

Whatever it is, give yourself something back. Life is hard, thank yourself for getting through it.

Remind yourself it’s okay to be on your own.

This one speaks for itself, because it is okay to be on your own.

Enjoy it, own it, relish in it.

Happy Valentine’s Day my loves,

Em x

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