Re-recordings: My Top 5 To Hear From Fearless (Taylor’s Version)

With it just days until we enter the Fearless 2.0 era, I feel like I need to purchase a white sundress and some cowboy boots. ASOS, an order is coming your way pronto.

After her battle to regain her masters went south, Miss Swift decided to rerecord her first 6 albums in order to fully own her life’s work, and to hopefully stop others profiting quite so much from her original albums.

Taylor chose to give us Fearless first (this was a nice surprise as I had just assumed it would be in chronological order) and I am beyond excited to relive the era that made me fall in love with her music in the first place.

Like, I am so ready for the nostalgia.

So today, here is my top five songs that I cannot wait to hear with Taylor’s newfound maturity that is laced into a teenager’s emotions.

We’re not including her first two releases, since we’ve all already fallen in love with Love Story (Taylor’s Version) and You All Over Me (Taylor’s Version). 

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5. Tell Me Why

Sweet Jesus. Through all my phases this always remained a Fearless Fav, and I can’t wait for her to slam this song down with even more gusto than the original. We are not ready.

4. Untouchable

This is probably one of her less popular Fearless songs but I just remember repeatedly playing it on Youtube and wishing I could play this on guitar. (Still can’t play guitar but might try it on my uke). I absolutely love it, it’s so beautiful and peaceful.

3. Fearless

Ah, the opener and title song. Just imagine the serotonin that’s gonna be rushing through us when that first drum beat hits. There are going to be many yeehaw’s and spinning in my best dress when this song drops. I can’t wait.

2. Hey Stephen

I am the least soppy person in the world but my God, this song just makes me wanna grab a boy and tell him I love him. It’s one of my most played Fearless tracks, and I am so beyond excited to hear 31-year-old Taylor sing “Hey Stephen, I could give you fifty reasons why I should be the one you choose” with her ever growing confidence and belief in herself. Ugh yes, this is going to SLAP.

1. White Horse

She once said she loved White Horse because it was a song that no matter how times you listened to it, still made you sad, and I wholeheartedly agree. I remember the first “experience” I had with what I thought was heartbreak, and this song was such a crutch for me. I still love it, I still scream it – a good one for crying in the shower, just sayin’.

Other honourable mentions include: You Belong with Me, Fifteen, Today Was a Fairytale, The Other Side of the Door and the entire vault song list.

What are you most excited to hear?

Looking forward to jumping in head first, fearless, with you all. x

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