SOUR by Olivia Rodrigo and Why I Love it so Much

No but how have I been transported back to being 17?

And God, Olivia couldn’t have worded being a heartbroken teenager better if she tried.

The thing about this heartbreak album, that’s laced with just the right amount of bitterness, is that it’s relatable as a teenager who feels so intensely but it is also relatable to someone in their 20’s/30’s who have had their fair share of bad eggs – or even one hella bad egg,

Before it’s release, I really thought “good 4 u” would be the one angsty paramore vibe song of the album to just throw us off.

Then 10 seconds into the album, we got into “brutal”. It’s misleading operatic intro, and her echo-shout “I want it to be like, messy” makes the drop so much powerful than if she had left it out.

And yes, I relate to this song at 23 as much as I would’ve if it had been released when I was 17.

What I love about this album, that’s made up predominantly of break up songs, it never feels repetitive.

Also, ending an album with a major LGBTQI+ support anthem is a 10/10 from me.

hope ur ok is such a heartfelt song, reaching out to the community and I loved every second of it.

It’s gorgeous.

Olivia writes beautifully. Okay. I’m obsessed.

My top songs:


The only negative thing I can say about this song is that it ends. This two minute number needs to last about 20 minutes longer.

Her paramore-esque opener is going to be the soundtrack of nearly every teenagers (and 20’s) life.

Full of angst, and power, and confidence, it perfectly tells the story of feeling powerless, anxious and insecure.

The perfect contrast.

Favourite lyrics:

I can usually pick a favourite lyric pretty easily from a song but this is an exception to the rule.

So minus “God, it’s brutal out here” that gives me another LEVEL of serotonin, I’m gonna go with

“And I’m so sick of seventeen / where’s my fucking teenage dream?”

good 4 u

When this was released, I was like YES GIRL and didn’t think she could release anything better.

It’s still in my top songs but her entire album is on this level.

Major paramore vibes from miss Olivia here and lord, I am here for it.

Favourite lyrics:

It’s like we never even happened / Baby what the fuck is up with that?

enough for you

Okay but if you didn’t almost cry listening to this song then well, aren’t you lucky ?

It’s acoustic slow melody along with olivias beautiful voice and raw lyrics is something can take you by surprise.

We had driver’s license, another heartfelt emotional song. However the difference between these two songs is enough for you is stripped back, which in a way makes it even sadder to listen too.

Favourite lyrics:

I’d say you broke my heart / But you broke much more than that

Or of course, the entire final bridge. That makes me want to SOB.

I think it’s fair to say that Olivia Rodrigo is here to stay, her personal storytelling methods really bring her songs to life.

Anyone else want to come to her tour with me?

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