London Baby 2021 – A Photo Diary

Oh, hello London throwbacks.

Last month (incase you have missed me repeatedly posting about it) I spent three days in London.

And of course, it’s the first bit of travelling I’ve done in what feels like forever (it’s actually been less than a year but I’m dramatic) so we hit up all the classic spots and tried out some places to eat.

Incase you’re in need of any travel inspo, wanderlust, living through other peoples touristy vibes, here’s a photo diary of my time away!

Views of the London Eye

I highly recommend EL&N for some instagramable foodie shots with the prettiest floral backdrop.

The food itself, was delicious. The coffee was smooth and the service was delightful.

Might go back just for brunch tbh.

Bridge at Night.

We know I love a nighttime scene – and a bit of architecture.

Of course, we needed a silly night. With mixed reviews of TJ, it was lovely to know we got the better end of the deal.

It being a quiet Wednesday may have helped things a little.

We got the brunch, which had some cupcakes, macaroons, and sweeties to go with our drinks. It wasn’t a lot, however most of the £39 goes on paying for the many pornstar martinis that you try to down in an hour – y’know, got to get your money’s worth.

Was I possibly a little too excited to see a building? Maybe. Would I be just as excited if I go back? Of course.

We dream big here.

We love Camden, so of course we hit up the market and got some lunch. It was delightful, just as usual.

Have you ever been to London?

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