What To Pack For University

The end of summer is beginning to pop it’s wee head over the horizon, and while I do not want to wish away our warmer months – it’s hard to not focus on going to university in September.

If you’re like me, and moving out for education, here’s a list of some things to consider packing when moving out!

As a girl who’s lived on her own before, and is now leaving home again to go to the city, I know first hand that it can lead to quite the mix of emotions: excitement, overwhelming anxiety, worry, stress, etc. We tend to learn as we go, however it’s best to be as prepared as possible.

What to pack:

For your room:

  1. Clothes and shoes: don’t pack everything you own. Only what you know you’ll need and wear, student accommodation doesn’t host a lot of storage!
  2. PJ’s: fire alarms happen, so makes sure you’ve got pj’s you don’t mind others seeing, as well as decent slippers and a dressing gown.
  3. Sliders: because what uni accommodation floor is clean enough for bare feet?
  4. Jewellery/watch that you wear.
  5. Bedding: duvet, sheets, pillowcases and extras for washing days! Also consider mattress topper/protector, and a cushion.
  6. Lighting: bedside lamp, desk lamp, book light and fairy lights, are all things to consider.
  7. Warmth: blanket and hot water bottle.
  8. Books: your old favourite, as well as a few on your TBR list to keep you going when you’re not studying, as you might not have space for your whole collection.
  9. Storage: Ottoman, under the bed storage boxes, desk tidy, hangers
  10. Keepsakes: having some keepsakes will help with the homesickness, take your favourite photographs and knick-knacks from home to make it cosier.
  11. Alarm clock
  12. Speaker and headphones
  13. Desk fan

For your bathroom

  1. Towels, facecloths, and sponges
  2. Shampoo, conditioner & body wash
  3. Plenty of loo roll
  4. Bath/shower mat
  5. Products: deodorant, perfume/aftershave, make up, make up remover, hair care products, skincare products, contact lens solution, hand soap
  6. Sanitary products
  7. Hair styling tools (straighteners, hair dryer, crimpers, rollers, curlers etc),
  8. Contraception
  9. Shower speaker
  10. Razors
  11. Toothbrush (and extras in case someone needs to stay over!), toothpaste and holder
  12. Manicure set
  13. Medication: any meds you take, cold & flu tablets, painkillers for those dreaded hangovers, vitamins
  14. Storage: keep it all tidy!

For your kitchen

Check to see what your accommodation includes, but here is a list of things you may need (apart from your food shopping!)

  1. Pots, pans, wok and oven tray
  2. Utensils: bottle opener/corkscrew, grater, spatula, slotted spoon, fish slice, ladle, whisk, sieve, colander, wooden spoon, peeler, tin opener etc.
  3. Chopping boards (one for meat, fish, vegetables & possibly one for bread)
  4. Knives
  5. Tupperware, foil and cling film
  6. Glasses and mugs (a couple of each, but beware they might get broken at parties!)
  7. Plates, bowls and side plates
  8. Oven gloves
  9. Herbs and spices (okay so food shopping, but still, these are easy to forget!)
  10. Dish cloth, sponges, dish brush, tea towels
  11. Cookbook
  12. Ice tray
  13. Coffee machine, kettle, smoothie maker
  14. Cleaning products: surface cleanser, duster, cloth, bleach, bathroom spray, glass cleaner, bin bags, washing up liquid

For your studies

  1. Laptop, with charger
  2. USB and external hard drive
  3. Any books you need for your course: textbooks/reading list
  4. Backpack or bag of choice
  5. Notebooks (I’d start with two or three!)
  6. Study planner / diary
  7. Stationery: pens, pencils, highlighters, pencil case, sticky notes, erasers, TipEx, stapler/staples
  8. Scissors and glue: for any project that might arise
  9. Printer: you will usually be given printer allowance at your college or university, however if it’s something you use a lot then having one of your own may be handy!

Other Miscellaneous Items

  1. ID: passport, drivers license, YoungScot card, National Insurance Number
  2. Documents: Insurance documents, university acceptance letter, bank details/statement, student finance,
  3. Umbrella
  4. Beer Pong / pack of cards / drinking games
  5. Travel mug: for those mornings you’re running late
  6. Water bottle / flask
  7. Torch
  8. Batteries
  9. Chargers, extra wires and power bank
  10. Camera, charger and SD card
  11. Extension lead
  12. Game console / sport equipment
  13. List of important numbers: in case you lose your phone!

Have I missed anything?

Good luck on your move, and your studies! x

Header Image by Element5 via Unsplash.

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