• TV Shows I’ve Been Bingeing

    TV Shows I’ve Been Bingeing

    I am the worst at watching new programmes as they’re released, instead you tend to find me bingeing Brooklyn 99 (how could I not though, Jake Peralta is my dream man, and I am in fact Amy Santiago) for the 75th time that week. But alas, lockdown gave us some minor positives: like being able […]

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  • It’s Okay If You Simply Survived 2020

    2020 has been a mad year for everyone. Along with all the personal things we’ve had to come up against, we’ve also been in the centre of a worldwide pandemic. It’s surreal, scary and something no one is going to forget. Many of us are seeing some hope now that a vaccine has been released, […]

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  • Why You Need To Learn To Love Yourself

    Why You Need To Learn To Love Yourself

    There is a whole world out there. A whole wide damn world, full of animals and scenes and architecture and people, that should be loved by us. Yet, how can we love such beauty, and loathe ourselves? I learned that no one can truly love you on behalf on you, it just doesn’t work. They […]

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  • Review: Revolution x Friends Make Up Range

    Review: Revolution x Friends Make Up Range

    So Revolution brings out a Friends collab range, did we really think I wouldn’t cover it? Revolution is a cruelty free make up brand that are also working to become more vegan friendly. Their website states “Our products are always PETA-certified cruelty free, never tested on animals and are 76% vegan, and growing.” IDK if […]

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  • Spooky Things To Watch This October

    Spooky Things To Watch This October

    I love Autumn. I love Halloween. I love scary films and thrilling TV shows. All the things I used to hate, are now up there with my favourites! And now, it’s October, which means it’s nearly Halloween – and while we can’t hit the clubs and dance the night away, that doesn’t mean we can’t […]

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  • Things To Do in the Scottish Highlands

    Things To Do in the Scottish Highlands

    Scotland is bloody bonnie, I tell ya. We live in such a picturesque place that often is taken for granted, but there’s nothing like taking a step back, hopping in the car and going on an absolutely grand adventure. This week I’ve just come back from a trip up north, and tying in with last […]

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