Meet Em


Welcome to Woman Out West!

Hey! My name is Emma, and I’m the girl behind the screen! I’m a 22 year old journalism student who’s currently living in a small seaside town in the West of Scotland.
I’ve had a blog (with many designs, names and ideas) for about 6 years now but I finally decided to take the plunge and go self hosted, so welcome to the first ever site that I can REALLY call my own.
Here at W.O.W I cover mental health, the curly girl life, exploring and everything else in between. On my socials, you’ll find me crying over Taylor Swift, never admitting just how many coffees I’ve had that day and sharing my latest photography snaps.
You can find my social’s at the top, and you can pop on over to the contact page for some more info!
Thanks for stopping by, angel face x